Good Evening,

As the past mark and return address indicate, we’re here! Enid is just four miles away, The nice big basic planes (42' wing spread) are just a block down the street. They didn’t do much flying today because of a low (800') ceiling. We are to meet…


Dear Dad,

My last evening at Cimarron. We are going to miss the freedom and fun of this field but its better than being static. We leave tomorrow nite at 1800. Should arrive in Enid, Okla about 2100 or so, They will probably let us know we’re back in…

0840/9/16/43 | 64 degrees Fahrenheit

Dear Lenore,

Fly third this morn. Flew third yesterday too. Sitting here swiggin’ a coke. One day I skirped down a quick coke then climbed into a plane and we practiced stalls and spins. Didn’t “flash the hash” but I certainly didn’t feel good. Babo…

Letters from a Pilot

Grandson of a WW2 Army Air Forces Pilot and doctor. He wrote his family often and without cause other than to amuse and inform. These are his letters.

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